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Picture shows the LHC tunnel with a Dipole/Dipole interconnection still open.




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   LHC Interconnections naming
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   LHC Interconnections

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Interconnection Leader:
F. Bertinelli (AT-MCS)

Arc coordination team:
P. Fessia (team leader): general planning, IC organization
P. Legrand: infrastructure, coordination of PEFRAs
 A. Musso: sector coordination
A. Sajous, logistic and stock responsible
 M. Struik: arc interconnection component manager
 C. Vollinger
: detailed planning, coordination of DS regions.

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Coordination and support of the interconnect works in the LHC tunnel.

The arc extends between DFBA-to-Q7 interconnects (except some activities in the DS area associated to DFBA IC work).

The responsibility begins with the start of the IC work and ends with the closure of the W- and Z-bellows and the leak tightness test.

During subsequent activities - pressure test, flushing and warm ELQA (under responsibility of the AT-MCS Pressure Test Coordinator), cool-down, commissioning, etc. - provision of the necessary support.

 Activities/ Status by sector


Data for General Advancement Plot is counted by number of interventions and grouped by activities as follows:

  • IC preparation: Magnet alignment, IC pre-inspection, IC released for work,
  • Electrical Interconnects & QA per halfcell: PAQ, US weld of spool pieces, brazing of main busbars,
  • Cryo-Lines Welding & Testing: Welding of main busbar lines M1, M2, M3, weld K1 line, K2 line, K3 line, Cí line, X line. Vacuum tests of K lines, Cí line, X line.
  • N-Line package: Insert N line, AIV 1, AIV 2, US welding of N line, weld of large sleeve for N line.
  • Beam Pipes Welding & VAC tests. VAC sector test: Welding of V1, V2, E line and VAC tests V1, V2, E line. RF test magnet chain.
  • Close W bellow and Jumper.
  • VAC test for sector.


Status by sector


 Master Interconnection FlowDiagramm (Work Flow Chart)

also as download in pdf-format .

 Presentations/ Reports

MARIC 2006


MARIC 2007


TCC/ICC 2006


TCC/ICC 2007


Weekly Report on Interconnect works






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