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L. Rossi
W. Scandale
Th. Tortschanoff
Group Leader
Deputy Group Leader - CARE
Deputy Group Leader
C. Bosteels
T. Jones
Secretary assistant
Tel.:  0041 22 767 57 64
Tel.:  0041 22 767 86 51
Fax.: 0041 22 767 63 00


Design & construction of accelerator magnets & development of associated superconductors

  • Procurement, quality control & factory test of LHC superconducting main dipoles & quadrupoles
  • Procurement, quality control & test of superconducting wires and cables for the LHC project
  • Procurement, quality control & logistics of materials & components for LHC main dipoles & quadrupoles
  • Design & construction of superconducting undulators for LHC
  • CERN-wide service for measurement and test of magnetic materials

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  • Jean-Pierre Koutchouk
MA Magnet design Analysis and database
  • Davide Tommasini
MC Magnet Coordination
  • Frederic Savary
MD Main Dipoles
  • Remo Maccaferri
ME Magnet winding and assembly workshop,
and Electrical insulating materials
  • Theodor Tortschanoff
MQ Main Quadrupoles
  • Luc Oberli
SC SuperConductors


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